5 Things You Should Never Take to the Disneyland Resort

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When it comes

to planning a vacation to the Disneyland Resort, you can find plenty of tips on what to bring to make your day perfect and worry-free. But, when was the last time anyone told you what not to bring? Here at Desert Mouse, we want to make sure your day goes as smoothly as possible, without getting in trouble with the Cast Members. So, here’s a list of 5 things you should never take to the Disneyland Resort.

Selfie Sticks

Yes, you read that right. Although taking pictures is welcome and encouraged at the parks, you should think twice about bringing that Selfie Stick. They are prohibited from entering the parks. If they catch it at bag check, they will confiscate it and tell you to come get it at the end of the day. If they catch you with it inside the parks or, even worse, on a ride, there’s a possibility they will kick you out. Signs went up everywhere around inside both Disneyland and DCA (Disney’s California Adventure) when the contraption first started getting popular, since people started to use them on rides, then lose them on rides. They can cause vehicle malfunctions if hit on the tracks and even cause entire rides to break down. Basically, it’s best to use your arms to take that selfie during your Disneyland day.

Toy Guns

This might seem obvious for some people, but, considering that Disney used to sell toy guns, like the bubble guns, in their parks, it could come as surprise. They’ve never allowed toy guns, with the exception of their own merchandise, through the gates. However, in 2016, in light of recent events in the U.S., Disney decided to stop selling all toy guns in the parks. This was decided for the protection of both park guests and Cast Members.  Although those toys may be entertaining to the little ones, they should stay at the hotel during your trip.

Costumes for Adults

Sadly, Disney reserves the treat of guests dressing as characters for children 9 and under only. Better leave that full-size Belle dress at home. However, there are a few loopholes with this one. First off, you’re allowed to wear costumes, 10 years old+, if it is more casual and does not closely resemble to a character. Basically, if you style an outfit around a character with everyday clothes, you have the green light. Many Disney fans call this “Disney Bounding”. Look it up in Pinterest and you’ll get a clearer idea. The second loophole is the Halloween parties that Disney throws in the parks. However, you may want to look up the specific rules in Disneyland’s FAQ for the events.


Some of you may be shaking your heads, as this seems just as obvious as toy guns, but the Disney vacation newbies may not yet know. Once again, there are some loopholes here. You can bring in a cooler that is 6 pack size or smaller. Basically, you can bring in a lunch pail/bag. This isn’t a bad idea, since you’re allowed to bring food into the parks. It’s also handy if you have medical supplies to keep cool, such as insulin (we had to do this for my mom once or twice). Just make sure the cooler is one you can carry, no wheels allowed. As long as you’re not planning on bringing a 5 course meal, you’re probably good to go. Quite honestly, though, you should probably just stick to a backpack.

Drawstring Bags

Since we’re on the subject of backpacks, we should touch on this real quick. Although not banned from the parks, you’ll be rethinking taking a drawstring backpack. In November 2016, my boyfriend and I took a trip to the Resort. We had all of our stuff in a drawstring bag, which worked pretty great the entire trip. Our last night at Disneyland, we decided to take one last spin on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. We put our bag next to my boyfriends feet, as always, since the dedicated holding space was too small. We enjoy our ride, get a few good screams in, and are laughing as well pull back into the loading area. I get off and start walking down the trail, completely air-headed from glee. I turned to say something to my boyfriend as I came nearer to the exit, and realized he was GONE. It seemed like magic, I could’ve sworn he stood up and got off the ride with me. Of course, sheer panic ensued.

After about 8 minutes, I was absolutely freaked out and talking to a cast member about what I should do. Then, all of the sudden, here comes my boyfriend waltzing out of the rides exit. I started getting after him, asking what the had happened and where he had gone. He began to explain that as he got up, he reached down for the bag and it wouldn’t come up. He began to pull harder, still to no avail. A closer look told him the bags string was somehow stuck down in the hole where the lap bar comes up into the car. He informed a cast member who told him that he would just have to ride around again or else the whole ride would get backed up and break down. So, he rides around again and they pull the train off the track. This is when he shows up at the exit and explains the whole situation to me. Fast forward about 5 minutes, and a cast member is walking toward us with our bag. She explains that they had to cut the bags strings and how it apparently happens all the time.

So, to save yourself the embarrassment and pain of making the wait time for a ride go up by 20 minutes and a broken backpack string, you should probably stick to a regular backpack.

Thanks for reading! Have you ever had a bad experience with one of these items at the Disneyland Resort?  Let us know in the comments. If you liked this post or know someone who will, give it a share on social media, and make sure to click the follow button!

TTFN – Ta Ta For Now!


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